I started carrying a camera with me every day when I was 14, photographing anything and everything, spending a small fortune on processing film.

At 15 I built a darkroom in our basement laundry room and got a job at a tropical fish store to save buy more film and save on processing.

After high school I studied journalism, which made no sense to me at all, and  eventually dropped out and saved up to go back to school for photography. After graduating with honours from Algonquin College's Photography Program in 2004 I went on to work for an Ottawa studio specializing in portraits and weddings. In order to gain commercial experience I moved to Toronto in 2006 and began assisting for several food, interior, editorial and fashion studios. This lead to more opportunities in retouching, production and shooting for my own clients.

I returned to Ottawa in 2009 and began writing teaching Digital Imaging and Studio Portraiture in the Algonquin College Photography Program.

I left teaching in 2018, built a studio in the 150 year old farmhouse my husband and I share in rural Ontario.

I'm inspired by the land I live on and the plants and creatures I share it with.

I enjoy working with creatives, inspiring individuals and businesses tell their stories visually.

© Angelina Dunn 2019